In English

In the 2011/2012 season, Helsingborg’s allmänna schackklubb started a chess group for children. We started with a team in the Skåne Chess Federation’s beginner series (division 5) and a small group of children started going to competitions around Skåne. Today, HASK has five teams in the Skåne Chess Federation series, our first team is the reigning champion of Skåne and in team five we have children who may be playing their first competition outside the chess club. We have two English-speaking groups. HASK  is located on Minörgatan 6 in Helsingborg.

Our training groups:
Tuesdays 17-18 Knatteschack (up to grade 4)
Our beginner group in Swedish

Tuesday 18-19 Chesskids intermediate (In English)
The group trains more towards competing. We start with some openings and more systematic training.

Wednesday 17-18 Chesskids beginner (In English)
The children play a lot of chess. We compete mainly in north western Skåne. The focus is on the chess rules and that chess should be fun.

Wednesdays 18-20 Junior group (grades four and up)
Our continuation group in Swdish

How do I get started?
We usually have no queue. Contact Stefan Håkansson,stefan(at), if you or your child want to start traning chess.