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Skulle inte juniortävlingen Masken/Ålen kunna vara något för dig? Den spelas på lichess imorgon den 27:e februari kl 10.00 – ca 13.50. Tävlingen arrangeras av Skånes Schackförbund och SK Sandlöparen så det kommer att vimla av spelare som du kommer att möta i senare tävlingar, både på nätet och ”på riktigt”.

Se inbjudan för mer info hur du ska anmäla dig: www.nvssf.com/forbundet/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/MaskenAlen2021.pdf .

For our english speaking juniors I made a translation with google translate of the invitation to the tournament (I’m lazy!). I hope it will be good enough. See down below:

Invitation MASKen / ÅLen 2021 In 2021,

Skånes Schackförbund and SK Sandlöparen invite you to a slightly different edition of the competition MASKen / ÅLen, Saturday 27 February 2021. The competition is not part of Skåne’s GP series.
Since it is not possible to play competitions as usual, it will be a online competition. The competition is played on the platform Lichess and this time the classes are not divided by age but in a slightly different way.

For those who do not already know about Lichess, there is a link to create an account on Lichess here: https://lichess.org/signup.

Feel free to play another competition on Lichess to know how it works before this competition. It is important to enter first and last name in the profile so that we can verify you as a participant, this applies to all participants in all classes.

Children and young people under 16 are recommended by Lichess to have a so-called child account, which means that, for example, the chat function is not active. This can be activated here: https://lichess.org/account/kid. It is up to each parent to decide if this should be used for your child.

The following competition classes are available:

A – Young people born 2000-2008 with ELO (long- or fast-ELO) over 1600, team ”MASKen / ÅLen A” – https://lichess.org/team/maskenalen-2021-klass-a- 1600-elo

B – Young people born 2000-2008 with ELO (long- or fast-ELO) 1300-1600, team ”MASKen / ÅLen B” – https://lichess.org/team/maskenalen-2021-klass-b-1300 -1600-elo

C – Young people born 2000-2008 with ELO (long or fast ELO) under 1300, team ”MASKen / ÅLen C” – https://lichess.org/team/maskenalen-2021-klass-c– 1300-elo

D – For young people born in 2009 or later regardless of ELO, team ”MASKen / ÅLen D” – https://lichess.org/team/maskenalen-2021-klass-d

If few registered, the number of rounds can be shortened or classes merged, if many registered in some class, the number of rounds may increase, but in that case the reflection time will be shortened.

For groups A, B and C, you can register for a higher group than the one you belong to if you want, but not for a lower group. For group D, you can register for a higher group based on which ELO number you have (eg young people born in 2009 or later with ELO number 1400, you can register for group D but also for group B or A if you want but not C).
The highest number of long and fast ELOs is counted as an ELO number as of 1 February 2021. You register by joining the corresponding team at Lichess no later than 25 February. When registering, you must solve a simple chess problem in Lichess and click on ”join” the team according to the link above.
On the day of the competition, you must also join the competition that will be created for each team by clicking on ”Join” no later than 10 minutes before the start of the game. For more info, help with registration, etc. contact Claes Jönsson via email claes.jonsson@gmail.com or tel. 070-381 00 88.
The entry fee in all classes is SEK 0, ie it is completely free to participate. However, no prizes will be awarded.

In each team at Lichess, information will be in the forum with below game schedule etc. and also ongoing information during the competition will be given here.
Chat will be suspended during the competition, if you need to get in touch with the competition management, you do so by either writing general questions in the forum or contact competition leader Claes Jönsson on the above email / phone or send a private message on Lichess to https://lichess .org / @ / Chameleon222.
Sorry, we can not help with any problems with lost internet connection or similar. If you do not want to continue the competition after a round, it is important that you leave it so that other players do not have to be drawn against you. For distinction, the Liches calculation system is used. To counteract cheating, Liches’ built-in tools are also used to detect it, the competition management reserves the right to act on that basis in the event of suspected cheating (ie use chess programs or the like during the competition as an aid).

Game schedule: Groups A to C are played over 5 rounds of Swiss with a reflection time of 15 minutes + 5 seconds per move per player and game.
Game schedule Group A-C: Round 1 – 10:00 Round 2 – 10:50 Round 3 – 11:40 Round 4 – 12:30 Round 5 – 13:10 End approx. 13:50

Group D is played over 5 rounds Swiss with a reflection time of 10 minutes + 3 seconds per move per player and game.
Game schedule Group D: Round 1 – 10:00 Round 2 – 10:30 Round 3 – 11:00 Round 4 – 11:30 Round 5 – 12:00 End approx. 12:30

The rounds are started manually by the competition management at the appointed time, if delayed should occur, this will be announced in each team’s forum continuously during the competition. Welcome to register!


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